Donovan’s Kids Camp Details 

A FREE overnight summer camp experience, Donovan’s Kids Camp is held at the Rotary Camp located in Akron, Ohio, and surrounded by Lake Rex, which provides great water activities for the kids. Each cabin holds eight campers and two camp counselors. Our camp is not your regular camp. We offer some cool off-site adventures, and each year we work to introduce new and exciting excursions. What will it be this year?

Our Kids

Of course, what really sets Donovan’s Kids Camp apart from other summer camps is our campers. All of our children have special requirements and needs. Bringing these children together provides a method of interacting and an understanding of each other’s needs while still appreciating their differences. This true diversity is the norm for our camp. 

Donovan’s Kids Camp welcomes kids from within the state of Ohio who are amputees, have spina bifida, or are U.S. veterans’ children. The age limit is 8 – 15, although on special conditions, we allow children up to 17 to attend. Here are some guidelines for our campers: 

Amputee Children: Any child who is an amputee (defined by the AMA), born without or who has lost a limb, and meets the age requirement can attend our camp. Additionally, any child with some type of limb limitation (braces, wearing special shoes, etc.) may attend. 

Spina Bifida: Any child with spina bifida can attend our camp if that child is able to take care of him- or herself, including bathroom, washing, shower, etc. The camper must be able to be mobile with either walking support or a wheel chair and also be able pass the medical requirements of the camp. 

Veterans’ Children: There are three levels of veterans’ kids. Priority 1 includes kids living in Ohio with one or more parents in active military service. They get first choice in attending camp. Priority 2 refers to any child whose parent is a veteran serving in the active Guard or Reserve unit in Ohio. Priority 3 is any child who is directly linked through their parents to a U.S. veteran. 

Qualifications on Attending: When space is limited, new campers get priority over those kids who have attended Donovan’s Kids Camp before. 

Akron Rotary Camp

Akron Rotary Camp

We are under the guidelines of the Akron Rotary Camps as to what each child is required to provide before they can attend. Typical requirements include: application (registration form), medical information, medical insurance ID, medication requirements and current physical form.

Camp Experience

Donovan’s Kids Camp is full of fun activities that will help build self esteem and social skills. Click on the buttons below to learn more about the camp and how to prepare for this invigorating experience.

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